Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Soldiers of the Queen!!!!

The 'Soldiers of the Queen', Zulu Wars British...

It has been TEN years since I posted a Zulu Wars Battle entitled The Battle of MBoto Gorge.   At the time, I played the game with my daughter Amy.  My word how time flies, alas she has now grown up & moved onto other things (Uni at the mo..)

A couple of months ago, I decided to dig out all of the colonial troops collected over the years & sell them.  Most of them hadn't seen active duty in years, so they were only collecting dust.   

NOOO.... I could not do it!  Good Man, I hear you say!  Instead I decided to re-vamp them all.  First up, would be our Zulu Wars armies.   I dusted off our copy of KISR's D B Colonials, checked over the basing, then set about the Brits.   The original troops (& a few others 'bits & bobs' collected over the years) were given a make over, ink washed, varnished & then re-based.  After some contemplation, I went with a bigger base (40mm x 30mm) 'look' & added more troops for a Two Rank effect.  I am very happy with the results.

The 24th Regiment of Foot (2nd Warwickshire) in the front

The 58th Regiment of Foot (Rutlandshire) in the rear.

24th Foot (Green facings)

Lots of Essex Figures, some Irregular, some Mikes Models...


One base of 'Regulars' can form into Two bases of 'Skirmishers'.
(I can get rid of the smaller Mikes Models from the ranks...)

The 58th Rutlandshire (Black facings) in Line of Column.


Phil said...

Top notch unit, they look superb!

MrF said...

Cheers Phil,

Good Queen Victoria herself would be proud of them!

All the Best


James Fisher said...

A great result. Get them out to sell and then spruce them up instead. They look d@mned fine too, what?!
Regards, James

MrF said...

Cheers James

They have come up well. I think the mixture of different manufacturers helps out.

All the Best & Happy New Year!