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DBN26 Battle of Valmy 1792

The French lines at Valmy 1792.
 Another DBN game now, a return to the French Revolutionary period.  Historically this battle could of changed everything, if the Prussians had beaten the French & marched onto Paris.  Probably would of ended the Revolution, anyway there's a link to Valmy at the end of the report.

This game is based on the free download from the very nice people at KISR.  We didn't agree with the size of the table suggested, so opted for a bigger one.  Everything else is pretty much what the scenario sets out.

Yours truly would champion the Revolution, General Harold Von Spav would command the Prussians.  Standard sized units, apart from Muskets.  We doubled these up, 40mm x 40mm square, for a better visual effect.  The attrition system was also used again, the flame hit markers as 1 Hit.

Prussians (Brunswick (0 Cap), Sub-Commander (-1 Cap))
2 x Heavy Cavalry, 5 x Light Cavalry, 2 x Light Infantry, 8 x Muskets, 2 x Artillery

French (Dumouriez (-1 Cap), Sub-Commander (0 Cap))
3 x Light Cavalry, 4 x Light Cavalry(Militia), 1 x Light Infantry, 1 x Muskets(Elite), 6 x Muskets, 4 x Muskets/Light, 2 x Artillery

For the extra rules, then you will have to download the scenario...
The Battlefield

At the start of the game we both wrote a few lines on 'The Battleplan', then put them aside to reveal at the end of the game.  The Prussian plan was to drive on Gizaucourt, but the main attack would take the hills close to Valmy, then Valmy itself.  The French plan was to concentrate on the two main hills, absorb the Prussian attack, then drive into either flank with the Elite Muskets & Cavalry.


Valmy & Orbeval


The main Prussian force

We're Off!!!  The Prussians march to Gizaucourt

The main Prussian force advances on Valmy

CaPs were great for the mighty Von Spav!

Steady Frenchmen, steady....


French Musketry slows the beast....

The first Prussian attack on Gizaucourt is repulsed.

Some of the French Cavalry is deployed in front of Valmy, ready to pounce.

AAAaaaarrggh!!! CHARGE!!!!

Those pesky Pwussians!  Gizaucourt is taken.

We do like our Cavalry scraps!!!

On the other flank, the Prussians take their time.

The Prussian Cuirassiers show their quality.

The battle lines at this stage.
(MMMmmm, there's a bit of a gap in the Prussian lines....)

It's a firefight outside of Valmy, the Prussians are taking losses.

The Prussians are getting the upper hand at Gizaucourt.

The Prussian Light Infantry advance to take pot shots at the Artillery.

Biff Boff BASH!! The Prussian Infantry pile into the French Lines...

The Cavalry battle is a partial standoff, though the Cuirassiers charge on!

The next few rounds are about French losses.  First some Artillery outside Valmy.

The Prussian juggernaut marches on....

Some French infantry withdraw, French Cavalry try to stem the tide.

Von Spav has a smug look on his face, the Prussian Cavalry support the advance on Valmy....

French firepower produces a result.

So does the Prussians...

The last French Artillery is destroyed...

The Prussian Infantry calmly form square, unleash a thunderous volley & destroy the French Cavalry...

However, the Prussian Cuirassiers are finally destroyed.

However.... A plan starts to form. 
There are more French units than Prussian on the southern flank.

Valmy must hold though.
Another defensive line is assembled.

Good CaPs for the Prussian juggernaut, another assault is put in place.

Hordes of Prussians in neat lines advance...

D'OH!  I loose a unit by bad placement.
The French Cavalry are forced back & a unit has no place to go...

Finally, the CaP die rolls are high for the French.

I plan to split the Prussian line & drive for the hill.

The French Light Cavalry are now on the attack...

Von Spav now plans his Cavalry Blitz...
If this one works, the French are in trouble....

The Prussian units on the southern flank are left stranded, poor CaPs!

Bags of room for the French to move in...

The southern Prussian units are pinned in place...

BONZA!!!  The French Cavalry fight like demons...

HA HA! It's time for the French infantry to form square & repel the Cavalry.

So close yet so far!!
The French Cavalry come up short & will have to face 2 rounds of Prussian cannon fire !

Attack! Attack!! 

The Prussian Cavalry in the south are getting beat up...

The French reinforce the centre.

Now French muskets pour into the Prussian cavalry.

The tide is turning now...

Retreat!! Run away!!

The battle is too close to call now, it's who can roll the best CaPs now.
Movement is the key at the moment.

The French elite Muskets advance on the Prussian centre now.

At last, Von Spav rolls decent CaPs & the Prussian juggernaut advance again...

The Prussian Cavalry retire...

The Brave French Cavalry are about to be blown away.......!


However there are other French Cavalry units...

I like this match up....

The French Infantry are sent packing around Valmy.
But has time ran out for the Prussians?

The French Cavalry charge up the hill...
The Prussian gunners are put to the sword.

The French Cavalry charge on...

The French hit the Prussian Light Infantry..

HA HA! French victory..

Final Positions.  The Prussian centre was smashed...

Oh, that was a close one.  To be fair the Prussians were only another round away from winning.  The CaP dice played a major roll, they deserted Von Spav towards the end though.  Von Spav's plan nearly worked, it just ran out of movement.  My plan was a bit out, I had envisioned smashing into the flank of the Prussian main attack, never mind! 

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Natholeon said...

Great game Mr F. Good to see the French repeat their vital defence of the revolution! The final positions look like your wings were about to be driven in, so it is just as well that the Prussian centre collapsed.

MrFarrow2U said...

Vive la Revolution!

Cheers bud. Yes, it was a mad, Death or Glory assault on the centre!

The northern flank was gone, Valmy would of collapsed in another round or two. that will teach Spav, to take his No doubt, I shall receive a sound thrashing in our next encounter.

All the Best

Peter said...

A really enjoyable battle report to read right up until the end.

MrFarrow2U said...

Thanks Peter, it was a close game right to the end.

Gregory Pomfret said...

A very interesting game.

The gap which developed in the centre, created by the Prussian assaults on the two villages, was well spotted and exploited.

Napoleon would have approved!


MrFarrow2U said...

Hello Greg

The dice gods shined down on me during the last few rounds. I don't believe Spav will take so long sorting out his troops in future.

All the best