Saturday, 3 February 2018

DBN Westphalians 1807-13

The Mighty Westphalian Army!
Another 15mm project, this time the Napoleonic Westphalian Army.  Built mostly from 'the odd figures from the scrap box'.  Still not complete, a few more figures are needed.  I'd collected a few Minifigs figures & posted them a few years back, the Westphalian Infantry Regiment with yellow facings.  A few months ago, I started reading through 'Napoleons Campaigns in Miniature', the author mentioned building his own Westphalian Army, so the light bulb lit up and....

In standard DBN terms, we've got 33 troop elements.  Or for Big Base DBN, 9 elements.  I love collecting 'old battered' figures, part paint jobs & starting from there.  I then start the re-paint... This project took a while to build, adding a few figures here & there.  Flags from the wonderful Warflag site.

Westphalian Heavy Cavalry Brigade

Both the 1st & 2nd Cuirassiers

One Big Base element.  Or  four standard elements.

Westphalian Light Cavalry Brigade

The 1st & 2nd Hussars

The figures are from a variety of sources.

King Jerome & the Royal Guard!
I will probably add some more Grenadiers or a couple of bases of those snazzy Jagers..

Light Infantry, I'll need to get some more & base them up for loose order.

Love the combo

Four regiments of Line Infantry

A lot of unloved Minifigs make up these troops 

The 'original' Minifig yellow coated regiment that started it


Natholeon said...

Great army! I love the pink and white Cuirassiers. It takes a brave man to go into battle dressed like that...

MrFarrow2U said...

Now then

Excuse me, but I now dress in those colours every!!!

Cheers bud, those Cuirassiers were a JOY to build & paint. Many hours of fun going through the uniform sources.

All the Best