Wednesday, 8 March 2017

DBN French Imperial Guard

I tried to stay away from them, but once you paint a base, you're hooked.  French Imperial Guard for DBN.  Though I have no idea how they will ALL get on the wargames table at once.  They have took a long time to build, slowly adding figures here & there.



AAhhh Imperial Guard Cavalry

Dutch Lancers


Chasseurs a Cheval, Mamelukes, Gendarmes & Berg Lancers

Young Guard Voltigeurs

both Line & Light Infantry bases

Young Guard Tirailleurs 

Essex Minis, they have a stocky appearance

...looks like they have been down the gym 'Pumping Iron'


KEV. Robertson. said...

Very nice collection you have there- great results! Do like Minifigs. Cheers. KEV.

Peter said...

All the units look splendid you must be eager to get them on the tabletop for a game.

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Peter & Kev,

They took a while to build. A fair few came from job lots bought or figures swapped. The Gendarmes for example were from a swap with Bob Cordery of Wargames Miscellany. Some were poor paint jobs, so out came the paints & there you go.

It would be nice to get them all on the table at once, what battle do you think we should try?