Tuesday, 31 May 2016

DBA-Hx Battle of La Fasaix 1567

Huguenot Horsemen advance into battle.
1567 France, the Huguenots are under pressure, Spanish troops support the French Catholics.  A large Spanish force masses on the French border, a Huguenot force advances to meet the threat.

A 12 element DBA-Hx game, SPAV took command of the dastardly Spanish, yours truly the mighty Huguenots.

The Battlefield

The mighty Spanish

Huguenot Horse flood forward

Huguenot Foot soldiers

A sizeable Cavalry force threatens the Spanish flank.

'For his Supreme Catholic Majesty!!'

The Spanish force would form a defensive line.

Forward the Mercenaries...


Huguenot Light Troops threaten the other Spanish  flank.

Spanish Shot take a great defensive advantage.

Slowly the Huguenot line advances

KaBoom! First blood to the Huguenots.....

With the Spanish horse pinned, Huguenot Cavalry take advantage.

Rahoo! Rahoo! Rahoo!

Back & forth, Spanish Lancers versus Huguenot Pistols...

OOhhh Super Smashing Lovely! I'm anticipating a major Spanish collapse here..

Support for the Huguenot Pistols

The Spanish line is weak everywhere

However, the Spanish Artillery finds their range

At last the main bodies engage!

Recoils all round for the Spanish!

In a superb Riposte, The dastardly Spanish 'gang up' on the Huguenots... 

No No NOOO!!! Down goes the Huguenot Shot & General...

To make matters worse....

Final positions, the Huguenots are sent scurrying away.
SPAV is chanting insults in my direction.  I can only curse the 'Lords of Fate' & my poor die rolls.  That one was in the bag & let it slip away.  I took too long organizing the attack & failed to co-ordinate my advantage in Horse.  Until next time.

Apologies, it's been a while since our last game.  I've been laid up with a sciatica injury, I'm well on the road to recovery now.  We hope to get our Napoleonics & ACW games played next.  


Stephen Smith said...

Nice battle report and a good read Cheers S

Phil said...

Excellent report, love the explanations...and the fantastic figures, well done!