Saturday, 5 March 2016

DBN Ottomans

Beat the War Drums! Blow the Horns! The Mighty Orrible Ottoman Horde is here!

I've been busy since our DBN Russian vs Ottoman scrap..

The existing Ottoman army has been reviewed & re-built into a mighty Ottoman Horde!  As per normal, a few new bits, some existing bits, a few new paint jobs, some new flags, all finished off with some magic basing.  A whopping 38 bases of Ottoman power ready to give the Armies of the Tsar a sound bottom

Sharp eyed viewers will notice no Jannisaries, they are being re-fitted as we speak.  Piccies when they are ready.  Banners are from EBay, a company called Wargames Designs


The DBN rules suggest the following Ottoman list. Most will be classed as 'Militia', cost only half a point.  Given your standard army is only 12 points, potentially a whopping 24 elements.

0-1 Ms (Bostancia - Guard)
2-4 Ms(M) (Janissaries)
0-1 LI(M) (Light Infantry trained Janissaries)
0-2 Ms (Nizam-i-Jedid)
1-5 Ms(M) (Sekhans - Irregular Provincial Militia)
0-2 Jg (Rayas - Skilled Peasant Huntsman)
0-2 LI(M) (Derbents – Local defence militia, often Mountain Bandits)
4-10 LEM (Fellahin - Mass Conscripted Peasant Militia)
0-1 HC (Suvarileri – Regular Guard Cavalry)
0-4 LC (Suvarileri – Regular Line Cavalry)
0-2 SC (Suvarileri – Regular Skirmish Cavalry - Sipahis of the Porte)
0-5 LC (Mamelukes - Highly Skilled Light Cavalry)
2-4 LC(M) (Sipahis - Militia Cavalry)
0-4 IC (Yoruks or Arabs – Similar to Cossacks)
0-1 SC(E) (Djellis – ‘Crazy Heads’ Trained Irregular Scouts)
0-1 HA (Regular French trained Horse Artillery, but after 1808)
1-3 FA(M)

                    The Mighty Ottoman General, with elite Suvarileri Heavy Cavalry & regular Suvarileri Cavalry

The Lights, Artillery & Foot

Mamelukes & Spahis

'The Lads', the Fellahin.

Suvarileri Heavy Cavalry & Regular Suvarileri Cavalry

Gorgeous Mamelukes


Rayas (Jaegers) & Derbents (Light Infantry)

Artillery with captured Russian Guns

Sekhans, now with war banners, 'touched by the Sultans hand'

Mighty Fellahin Lads!!! WWWAaaarrrgghhh!


Baggage & Goat Camp!


Phil said...

Fantastic looking army you here! love the colours you used on your figures marvelous work!


MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Phil. The Janissaries are primed & on the 'To DO' list, I'll be looking at same different paint schemes for them.

Stephen Smith said...

Great looking army, large to they will surely give those Russians a run for their money looking forward to seeing more

Phil said...

A colored and spectacular army, well done!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Phil & Steve for the nice comments. We've got plans for a double sized DBN game soon.


Steve63 said...

Fantastic, Great colours and figures.