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DBN Liebertwolkwitz 1813

Liebertwolkwitz 1813 The Battlefield
 A clash of giants for the greatest Cavalry battle ever.  Prelude to Leipzig 1813, Liebertwolkwitz.  Spav & I fought this one out, the scenario coming from the nice people at KISR.    

Spav took the French & set up first, yours truly the Allies.  From the start, I knew this would be a tough fight.  The bulk of the french Cavalry set up on the Galgenburg Heights.  Victory points for locations & for destroying the enemy.  It turned out to be a bloodbath.  The figures used were from my 6mm collection.

DBN Attrition rules were also used to stop the back & forth combats.  1 Recoil = 1 Hit (a snazzy MrF flame marker), 2 Recoils = 2 Hits & the unit is SHAKEN (a penalty for movement/combat), 3 Hits & the unit is destroyed.  It adds an extra dimension now & you can quickly run out of combat ready units.  When the 'Battle Line' fills with SHAKEN units, it's best to retreat them from combat for obvious reasons.

Murat on the Galgenburg Heights

The Polish troops

The Austrians

The French had the terrain advantage

Polish Lancers in reserve


Murat leads the charge!

Scratch some Cossacks

The Austrian columns attack

Hussah! for the Prussian Dragoons

AAArgh... The Austrians are hit 

It's a bloodbath, retreat!! The Attrition markers pile up
The French Light Cavalry pile in

The Austrian columns are about to strike


Ohhh! Lovely open space, the Austrian Heavies are sent across the field

The Russian Juggernaut is about to hit the Poles...

An overlap against the French

The Cavalry battle fizzles out, losses are heavy on both sides....!

It's up to the Infantry

An opportunity... Queue the French attack

Spav launches his reserve, the Polish Cavalry join the fight

The French columns advance....

With a renewed vigor, the French Cavalry attacks again

It's a bitter fight outside Liebertwolkwitz

Positions going into the last phase of the battle

Could the Austrian Cuirassiers swing the balance????


I 'try' an attack on Liebertwolkwitz.... 

Russians vs Poles

Good targets for the Russian Artillery....

It's a tough scrap

Yes! The Austrians could pile into the French flank....

NO! It's a disaster for the Austrian Infantry

Oh no! The French Artillery is ready....
BOOM! A devastating barrage & the Austrian Cuirassiers are lost... 

It's all one way now.....

In goes the last French Cavalry attack.....

Fresh Polish Cavalry would tip it in the centre

Even though the Russians halt the French, it's no reward...

CRUNCH!!  Victory for Murat!
What a bloodbath, though historically, the loss of so much Cavalry for the French should of gone against them.  Spav is having none of it & celebrates his victory.  Next up for the 6mm will be a BIGGER Lutzen re-fight....  I just need a new set of eyes to paint the extra elements needed....

top - WACHAU.
middle - MURAT nearly captured

Sunday, 18 October 2015

DBN Buenos Aires 1806 - Quilmes Assault

British Marines poised ready to attack the Spanish
The British Invasion of the River Plate 1806.  A very strange affair indeed which turned out to be a defeat for the British forces. 

However not before the British 'secured' a large amount of Spanish Loot to aid the war against Bonaparte.  It seems one of the British Commanders heard from one of his 'chums' that a large Bullion Train was up for grabs & set up the Invasion.

An article in Wargames Illustrated number 330 provided inspiration.  A fine basis for a little campaign then...!  Some preparation was needed, a few Spanish Militia Regiments were collected & painted.  We already had a British Naval contingent, some Marines & Sailors.  The Scottish 71st Regiment was also raised, our existing British Napoleonics would do the job.

We used the DBN rules but with a few 'House' options .  The basic element would be Company size, not the Brigade size that DBN is aimed at.  Just in case Infantry Squares would be needed, we would use the rule from the 'DB Colonial' rules, 2 PiPs needed for a group of elements to form square.  Sub Commanders would also be used.  Any elements which bared 'colours', would also have an intrinsic one PiP built into them.  This would allow for grouped 'Regiments', as long as the elements are grouped together(base to base), then some limited movement would be allowed for them.   The force General element would still roll a D6 for overall PiPS (Or CAPS for proper DBN terms).  British Sailors would be classed as DBA Auxilia, with no ranged weaponry.  The local townsfolk classed as Guerillas.  The local 'Gauchos' classed as Irregular Cavalry.  We also used the 'Attrition' rules, this required markers for casualties.  Generals could also use PiPs to remove casualties.

My good mate SPAV took Ze Spanish/South American force & yours truly the marauding, treasure seeking British.  This game would be about establishing a Beachhead for the British.  It would last 20 tuns.  After that it would be night time.  The positions of the two forces would then would be determined for the next days Battle.   Spanish forces slowly arriving from the surrounding areas.  British units would arrive every 2 turns, 3 at a time being rowed ashore.

SPAV has the same 'mindset' as my self when it comes to rules, we are both very free & easy, we are not rule junkies.  When it comes down to it , if we can't agree on a situation, we roll a D6 & the highest gets the decision.  Just like we used to do in our AD&D days 30 years ago....     

The Battlefield, 3 British Units hitting the Port of Quilmes

The British Fleet would provide fire support, if needed.

The Spanish forces would arrive via 3 roads

Captain BarnBlower lands with the Marines

A tough start for the British.  A 'cap marker' for casualties

Gauchos ride for the town

The plan would be to clear the town quickly

However the 'dice gods' are clearly of Spanish origin, the British Invasion teeters on disaster 

At last the British General arrives

British Marines march through the town

British Musketry brings success

Some Marines are sent around the Town alleyways & flank the Spanish

More Gauchos arrive

Some Spanish Militia units enter the battlefield

It's tough clearing the stubborn townsfolk from the buildings

It's a hard fight taking Quilmes

NO! The British Marines are sent packing

In desperation, I plan a river boat trip for some other Marines.

Spanish Musketry destroys some Marines

In go the Sailors.....

...but they are sent packing as well!

The townfolk swarm the British Sailors, destroying them

Another Turn & more British forces arrive.  The River Expedition is abandoned & the Marines sent back into town.  

HooRaR!  The townsfolk are put to the bayonet...

Slowly the Spanish Militia gets into position.  A Spanish gun is deployed on the hill overlooking the town. 

A Critical point, as the Gauchos pile into the British flank

Luckily the Marines hold!

No chances here, even the British General leads an assault on one of the buildings.
The General adds +1 to the die roll.

The Spanish are being forced out of the town

'Come On'  British  Sailors stand firm against the Gauchos

Both sides are desperate for PiPs

The Spanish Militia Regiment marches into the town. 

The 71st arrives!!!

At last, the 71st Regiment piles ashore

The Spanish Militia occupy the buildings on the outskirts of town.

A firefight ensues, but the Spanish aren't forced out

Dandy Spanish General Hector Alonzo-Fernandez arrives!!!

& so does some more Militia.

The British naval gun destroys some Gauchos

With darkness descending, the bulk of the Spaniards arrive.

20 turns over, night time has arrived.  The British manage to establish a beach head.

Well that could of gone a lot better for the British, but it could of been a lot worse.  At one point the British forces were teetering on disaster.  Two British elements lost though!  The Spanish townsfolk & Gauchos don't count as elements lost.  The Gauchos will be replaced for the next battle.  The 71st  Infantry Regiment, with the naval gun in support, will be used to batter the Spanish forces outside town. It's going to be tough to force out the Spanish Militia holed up in the town though!  Let's hope the Marines & Sailors can force them out.  Until next time...

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