Monday, 9 September 2013

Afghan Regular Army 19thCty

Afghan Regulars ready to resist the British Empire.  This bunch are all Irregulars Miniatures from  their 15mm Colonial Range.  We have enough for 8 Bases of Rifles, 4 Afghan Highlanders, 2 Artillery, 2 Skirmishers & 4 Cavalry.  Added to our existing Afghan Tribesmen, I'm sure they'll be a tough opponent....

19th Century Afghan Regular Army 

Skirmishers, Rifles & Highlanders

More Skirmishers, Rifles & Highlanders

Afghan Cavalry

Afghan Skirmishers

Afghan Generals

Rifles with lovely brown coats

Rifles with snazzy red coats

The wonderful Afghan Artillery

Afghan Highlanders!!!! With Kilts....

MrF's War Bunker!

At last MrF & the gear have a new home.  The War Bunker (actually it's a 12' x 10' shed but hey ho) in the humble Fazzy garden.  As much gear as possible has been crammed into it & we have the potential for a nice sized table.  It has took a few months to get it sorted hence the lack of posts.

We used to have the back room in the house until 'She Who Must Be Obeyed!' decided to have a new look in the house.   But now we have 'The Bunker', roll on being able to leave the Lead Heroes set up overnight, no Mindless Moggies, Krazy Weimaraners or Kamikaze Daschunds trashing the joint!