Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Maximillian War - Imperial French

The mighty Imperial French Army that descended upon poor Mexico when they stopped paying them the debt money.

The foot infantry in this one are French Foreign Legion, the Cavalry are Chasseur d'Afrique & some Foot Artillery.

Vive La France!!!

I feel a 'Camerone' Battle is on the cards....

Big Fat French General leads the way
Skirmishers to the front


Chris said...


Nice figures. If they are 15mm, the detail is even more impressive!

Best regards,


James Fisher, FINS said...

I am a post too late, but great to have you back Mr F!

Beaut looking figures. We look forward to one of your excellent game reports!


Silent said...

Lovely figures MrF. Look forward to seeing them in action soon in this wonderful little period.

Many thanks for posting!