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DBN4 Brits vs Ottomans 1811 '2nd Battle of the Pyramids'

The 'Orrible Ottomans' are kicking up a stink & threatening to join 'Boney' in his conquests.  A British force is sent to Egypt to give the Ottomans a sound thrashing.  No sooner than the Brits have landed, a LARGE Ottoman force is sent to stop them.   

DBN Rules, a 14 point British Army, 1 General,  6 muskets, 2 Artillery, 3 Light Cavalry, 2 Jagers & 1 Heavy Cavalry.  The Ottomans, well it wouldn't be cricket to face them on equal terms, so they had a whopping 24 points made up of a variety of troops.  2 Generals, Mamelukes, Sipahis, Jannisarries, Nizams, Suvarileri &  Fellahin.  Mighty Sultan Amy took the Orrible Ottomans & I the Brave Brits....
The Brits deployed first, a village would provide an anchor on the left, all the cavalry deployed on the right, the Infantry & Artillery massed in the centre.  The Jagers in the form of the 60th Rifles would garrison the village.  Would Amy take the bait of the the juicy British Cavalry & go for a massed Battle?  Oh yes, The Mamelukes & the Sipahis were lined up against them, The Jannisaries & Nizams in the Centre next to the Ottoman Grand Battery.  Some Nizams would lead the hordes of Fellahin in a Massed Column intent on taking the village on Amy's right.  Game On!!!!!

The Battlefield & Ottoman attack plans

Oh Lovely, the 60th stand ready.  The Ruins of the Pharoahs in the background.

Would the Brits stand firm?

Orrible Ottomans

The Ottoman Grand Battery

The charge of the Mamelukes & Sipahis

Nizams backed by Jannisaries

Oh the War Cry (too much Medieval Total War

Very pretty, The Brit Cavalry goes in....

BIFF!!!  The Brit Heavy Dragoons strike first....

Mamelukes vs Light Dragoons

BASH! The Brit Heavy Dragoons charge on!! Whilst he Mamelukes push back the Brit Lights

I 'bottle it' on the left & bolster the 60th with some Brit Muskets...

Just in time as the Hordes of Orrible Ottomans come knocking on the doors...

It's going well for the Brits, Amy can't get the Infantry forward...

BOSH!!!  The Brit Heavies are proving to be rock hard...

Superb Rifle fire from the 60th...

The Ottoman Grand Battery takes out the British Artillery...

Oh Yes.. the British Cavalry is winning!

In goes the Ottoman Assault on the village...

Ah yes lovely...

British Musketry was on form too.

Not looking good for the Mamelukes...

Onward lads in to them!!!!

Amy shifts some of the Fellahin in an attempt to get them involved...

The Ottoman flanks is beginning to collapse

The Charge of the British Heavy dragoons goes on, into the funny blokes with pink pyjamas on!!!

A last stand for the mighty Mamelukes...

The  Village Assault is stalling....

Victory is near!!!!

Lovely, very colourful, the Brit Muskets get ready. 

The Ottomans would try hard to take the village, but to no avail!

Recoil, Recoil, Recoil


So do the Mamelukes...

Oh do look at that open Ottoman Flank!!!!!

Ottoman Success at last, the Fellahin take some of the Village. 

In go the British Cavalry...


Super Smashing Lovely final view of the Battlefield.

That went well for the Brits, a terrific Cavalry Battle.  Perhaps it would of went better for the Ottomans if Amy had deployed her Suvarileri Heavy Cavalry on the right as well.  Poor PiPs let her down for the massed Infantry Assault on the village. To be fair, the Jannisaries didn't  play much of a part as well.   The British Heavys were tremendous, I would include them every time, shame they bit the dust in the end.

Field Marshall PiPPiN Von Krumms
After Action Analysis

Always Mass your forces!
Destroy the Enemy Cavalry!!
Put your trust in God; but be sure to keep your powder dry!!!

Monday, 16 July 2012

More DBN Germany 1813 Figures

French Allies, Westphalian, Baden, Hesse-Darmstadt

French Light Infantry in Skirmish order

French Imperial 'Young' Guard

French Imperial 'Young' Guard - Skirmish order

Vive L'Empereur!!  The Old & Middle Guard!!!!

Awesome... The Old Guard in Divisional Column (with a horrendous combat modifier in DBN!!)

Imperial Guard Artillery

Horse Artillery of the Line

Foot Artillery of the Line