Monday, 31 March 2008

BBDBA 20.Spanish 1560 - 1609

For the Glory of his Imperial Catholic Majesty.....!!
The sinister Spanish Army ready to defeat all enemies of God. Oh dear.. I'm getting carried away. BBDBA version of our Spanish, 36 elements. They have a 'dark' look to them, finished off with Ebony Miracle Dip.

The following army is composed of 3xKn, 3xPi, 3xLh, 3xArt, 12xPk, 12xSh. Plus 3 Generals.


Pistols up closest, Pike & Shot behind.

Mighty Spanish Guns

Knight elements, Pike & Shot, Light Horse at the back.

Spanish Tercio!!!

Nice one... 3 Tercios with Generals & a screen of Light Horse.

Sideview of the Tercios!!

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Dalauppror said...

Cooool !!!

Really like the tercio formation.

Best regars dalauppror