Sunday, 19 November 2017

DBN Russian Opolchenie

Russian Opolchenie!  A very hardy bunch of lads to defend the motherland from the clutches of Boney.  These are a mixed bag, I picked a few painted figures from Ebay, then just added various figures from here & there.  The bases are 40mm x 30mm, so I added a couple of cannons for a different look.  DBN rules class each element as 'Levee en Masse'  & have special rules when on the table.  You can have quite a few on the table for the points you pay for them, they don't count in victory points for your opponent when destroyed.  The drawback is that on a roll of the dice, they can all peg it from the table!   They add some spice to the  We used some Ottoman Fellahin troops in our Slobozia game =


Phil said...

I love this kind of unit, Opolchenies are so nice to paint...and to show on our tables, these ones are superb, well done!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Phil. They are a very quirky bunch, the DBN rules make them a very hit or miss unit!