Wednesday, 15 August 2012

DBN Germany 1813 Figures(3)

 Obsessed! That's what I've become, I knew it, these bloody Napoleonic's.  Trawling through Ospreys, scouring the internet, all to get the right flag, uniform, whatever!  Ahhh, such fun, HOWEVER I'm not young any more & painting these 6mm things is horrendous.

Anyway I've been concentrating on the French Allies, particularly those at the Battle of Gross Breeren. (guess which battle is next...).  A big thank you to Spanish Wargamer Rafael Pardo's Website, bags of info on the units & battles in question - well done!

I've also been climbing through the attic, (Yes, not a pretty sight being 266 lbs of Man Flesh, through years of lifting weights, the hands & knees can't take the strain though....) looking for my Anschluss 1813 Books, they are Out of Print now.  I've found ALL the books on the 1813 Battles, including some 1809 Austrian Campaign, BUT I can't find the 'Ebb & Flow of Battle ' 1813 Module 2 Rules/ Army Lists.  Obviously being Leipzig, they are BIG lists.  Gutted, I've now scoured EBAY, Amazon, but no luck.  I guess I'm going to have to get along to some game shows... If anyone has a copy & you want to sell them, then please leave your email address.

Well here's the latest efforts.  Some re-paints, some new paint jobs, some new flags.  Of course courtesy of the Splendid WarFlag!

Saxon Light & Heavy Cavalry

Lovely Smashing Super...


Love those flags

The Saxon infantry

2 Divisions, 4 Brigades

Polish troops, now with the proper flag...

Imperial Guard - Empress Dragoons & Guards D'Honneur

Imperial French Marines

Ohhh Splendid...


Phil said...

Really nice armies, you did a great work on it!

Silent said...

hello, great H&R figs, absolutely brilliant! glad i found you!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers fellas, thanks for the nice comments. We have the Battle of Mockern set up now, just finding the time to get it played.

MrF & Amy

James Fisher, FINS said...

Fine looking troops, Mr F & Amy. I hope that you get to do Mockern soon, so that we can see these great troops in action, plus their 'friends'!

James Fisher, FINS said...

Fine looking troops Mr F & Amy. I hope that you get to do Mockern soon so that we can see these fellas—and their friends—in action!

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers James, check out 'Silents' new website:

All the Best

James Fisher, FINS said...

Thanks for the link Mr F; it is a ripper isn't it?

'Silent', I'll link to your great blog so that you shall remain silent no longer!