Friday, 18 November 2011

Where YOU been.....MrF???? Winter 2011

Nowhere special MrF, I can't believe it's been 4 months since the last post.  First the old computer gave up & finally died outright.  No amount of prodding & poking could get it to work.  Now we  have a snazzy up to date touch screen thingamajig with a huge monitor.  Work is always a pain, but however the biggest obstacle has been decorating the house!  She who must be obeyed decided to switch rooms, so the house has been in decorating turmoil for the past few months.  I have 25 years of gear stored in the back room, including all the figures.  All are in storage in the garage till the new sofa & fireplace arrive, which will probably be a few days from Xmas.... Ah the joys of Internet shopping, order now & get it in 6 weeks!

Gaming has took a back seat, I don't even know where our figure paints are!  There's a local game show coming up soon, so hopefully it will 'relight the fire'....  The good news is that we have another hound, a mini Dachshund, another German Dog!!

Harvey & Pip

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