Sunday, 3 May 2009

War Illustrated Prints 1

A few prints from 'The War Illustrated' Volume One. A collection of Weekly Newspaper snippets, pictures & prints form World War One. The date when they appeared can be seen in the corner, 1914 for this lot. Obviously, a very one sided view of the War, doing it's best to beef up morale of the nation against the 'Horrible Hun'.... Given we've done two games of HITT, one based on Mons in the Western Front & the other a clash on the Eastern Front, these prints add to the theme.


Chris said...

Nothing like a little propaganda to get the fur up!

mrfarrow2u said...

Very much so...!
Though the books are a cracking read & the photos are fantastic. If you can, I do recommend getting one of the volumes.

All the Best