Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Epic Space Marine - Warp Runners Titan Legion

Three mighty Warlord Class Titans.
The Warlord Titans are the 'Big Boys' of Titan Warfare.
The Warp Runners are a Loyalist Titan Legion... The Good Guys!

This Warlord is armed with 2 Defence Lasers, a Las Cannon & a Chainfist for close combat.

The Las Cannons take down the void shields of other Titans, the Defence Lasers provide very heavy firepower.

This Warlord is designed to give Artillery support to the Imperial attack.

Armed with three Missile Multi Launchers & a Land Speeder for recon.
The Titan head has also been replaced with a Deathstrike Cannon for extra long distance barrages. 

Another Anti-Titan Warlord. 
Armed with two Gatling Blasters for taking down void shields.

A Macro Cannon firing BIG shells & a Plasma Cannon for sustained destructive power

It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself...

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