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DBN14 Kamchevski's Mill 1807

Poland mid 1807, Boney is back on the move, trying to find & destroy the Russian army.  Ahead of the main bodies, two small forces face each other near the small farming settlement of Kamchevski's Mill.

Another meeting engagement, both sides entering on designated roads.  Two large hills, a wood, a rough area & the Mill itself formed the battlefield features.  It was another chance to use our Cigar Box Battle map.  We used our 30x30 inch board & folded the mat to fit over it.  Hills were placed under the mat to give the 3D effect, worked very well.  DBN rules again, both sides taking advantage of the Special ADC rule.  1 point for a suitable character, who could ride into battle  & lead forward an attack with +1 on the combat roll.

The Musket elements were double ranked to that extra big battalions look.  The French also had a slight advantage getting a +1 to the CaP roll, being 1807 French & having better Tactical awareness.

French Force 14.5 pts - General LeBonce,  Special ADC Captain Baguette.
6 x Muskets, 3 x Light, 3 x Light Cavalry, 1 x Horse Artillery.

Russian Force 15.5 pts - General Bogoff, Special ADC Count Poppadomov.
1 x Musket(E), 4 x Muskets, 3 x Light, 1 x Heavy Cavalry(E), 2 x Light Cavalry, 2 x Cossacks, 1 x Horse Artillery

It was a very quiet & cold Sunday afternoon when the game took place. Amy took the French & I the Russians.  However the cost of 1 large bar of Peppermint Milk Chocolate Aero bar AND 2 more if Amy wins, was a bit steep I thought...  Victory was needed!
The Battlefield

1st move, French Light use most of the CaPs to hold the wood. 

French Cavalry enter from the north
Farmer Kamchevski is not a happy chap.

Russian Horse arrive on the left

On the right, more Russkis arrive

Another round, more CaPs, more troops.

Russian Cavalry & Horse Artillery take the southern hill.

French Columns arrive & take a commanding position of the centre hill.

LaSalle takes his Cavalry on a lovely flank position

An opportunity?  Forward goes a massive Russian Column to take the centre hill.

However a poor CaP roll results in the supporting column not setting off.

Nice view of the battlefield

The Cavalry should be on the other side supporting the Russian advance.
Would it prove a problem later?

The French Light effectively 'pin' the Russian Dragoons from moving elsewhere

Nice view of the battle mat terrain features

Another round & finally the other Russian column advances  

The French horse Artillery are in a good position to chip away' at the main Russian Column

Count Poppadomov leads froward the heroic Russians!  +1 to the combat roll.


Lasalle's Cavalry move forward every so gently....

Combat rolls are good for the Russians & the attack penetrates the French line.

The French struggle to hold the Russians

However a cracking  six on the die leads to seven CaPs.
Everyone pile in!!!!!

Vive l'empereur!!!!
Sort this one out..... Amy takes the combat sheet & it's plus plus plus plus for the French combat die.

It's ferocious out there.... 

....and to make matters worse Amy sends in Captain Baguette to lead forward the French Cavalry.

It's not looking good for my heroic Russian Army.
My first combat roll a 'one', the second roll a 'two'


With the 'Pas de Charge' ringing in my ears, the French Columns march on! 
It's crisis time for the Russians. I scan the table & ask 'How on earth can I turn this one around?'
The new plan, use the Russian Cavalry, with the Cossacks as flank support, take out the French Cavalry. 

The Russian Light Cavalry would be able to charge home, the Heavies would come up short.
Not bad, a combat in favor of the Russians.
Though the Heavies would take a round of canister...ooooo
Count Poppadomov leads the charge!!!

'In your face Lasalle!!!!'

DBN Cavalry breakthrough, another move & it's straight into the French Artillery

Game back on!!!! The Elizabethgrad Hussars are on a roll...

Amy sends forward the French Light to hamper the Russian right flank

It's a question of time now, those nasty French columns advance up the Russian hill.  

The Pas de Charge
rum dum, rum dum, rummer dum rummer dum rum dum....

Nearly there...

Those pesky French Light Infantry

In a final desperate gamble, the Russian Cuirassiers charge in!!!! 

Booo! The fist combat is a stalemate.
Now it's the French turn & the Chasseurs a Cheval join in.


GLORY!!!! Captain Baguette with a smile & a thumbs up leads the victory charge.

Final positions, in the end the French columns weren't needed.
I think it would of been another bloodbath.

Great game, a sound whooping for another of my freshly created armies.  The Special 'Aide de Camp' rules worked brilliantly.  Definitely worth the extra points for your armies.  However I  now see the value of Cossacks & Light Infantry.  The DBN rules have surprised me again.  I can't recommend them enough for the smaller type games.

I'm putting on my coat & walking to the local shops.  A smug looking teenager wanting her victory prize.  In the end I receive numerous 'goodie orders' from the other females in the household....  I console myself with a four pack of the finest Magners Irish Cider....Wayhay!

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