Tuesday, 7 February 2012

DBC British vs Afghans "Punch up in the Valley"

Highlanders defend an Afghan Village.
Action from the 2nd Afghan War now, a British force have been pinned by a Afghan Tribal force.  DBC rules, Amy took the blood thirsty Afghans.


The Battlefield

The Aghan force

A fearsome bunch

The thin British line

The Afghans charge!!

Ready the Lancers!

In they go, supported by the Ghurkas..

Scratch one Afghan

Good PiPs for Amy, in go the Horde!

Let the combat begin...


The British force stands firm

One kill for the Afghans

The Begal Lancers are halted

Slowly carving up the Afghans


Good British firepower...

One last effort for Amy

Huzzah! British Bayonet power

One more Afghan kill, too little too late.


One more kill.. British Victory!!

PiPPin Von Krums

After Action Analysis

"War is Hell"

"Always concentrate your forces & your firepower"

"If your force consists of screaming savages armed with swords, then you need to charge fast"