Friday, 30 July 2021

Sharp Practice Forces - Napoleonic French


French Line Infantry for Sharp Practice, this is the 96th Regiment of the Line.   For our Peninsular games, the French will have an 'abundance' of troops.  The British & Allies will be up against it in every game. It also means painting more Frenchmen... 

A Level 3 Big Man, to command 3 elements.
A Level 1 Commander in charge of 1 element.
Loads of drummers!

Only 6 Voltigeurs screening the Line troops.
Many more on the painting table. 

Vive L'Empereur!!!
A few extra elements & we have a whopping column.

Rumadum Rumadum Rumadum!!!

A light French artillery piece, with Del Prado Artillerymen.
Limber by Warbases.


Norm said...

Very nicely done. I had a go at painting my first two figures a couple of days ago. One with contrast paint and the other with my usual style. The results were actually quite close, but if studying the figure, I prefer my standard painting method of block, shade and highlight.

MrF said...

Good stuff Norm. I like your work on your Blogs. Keep up the good work!

All the Best